How does GIS help me?
By making the County's maps and data accessible quickly on-line, residents and businesses have access to a wealth of information to help better understand the County that they live and conduct business in. GIS allows decision makers and residents to visualize complex information. It helps build understanding and consensus between government and residents on issues that confront the community. GIS also makes the County Government more efficient. Improved efficiency means better services at less cost. For more information contact us at 218-327-2854.

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1. What is GIS?
2. How is GIS used in Itasca County?
3. How does GIS help me?
4. What XY Coordinate System does Itasca County use for their GIS data?
5. How can I obtain County GIS data?
6. How accurate are property lines?
7. I have a question about a parcel in Itasca County. Where can I get help?