It is the objective of Itasca County Environmental Services to encourage the reuse of valuable resources and to reduce the quantity of solid waste that must be landfilled. Your cooperation and effective participation is a contribution toward the achievement of that goal.

A variety of materials can be recycled by a variety of methods. At this time our program accommodates specific types of recyclables. Only sorted materials of those types can be accepted. Inappropriate materials can contaminate and ruin the entire contents of a container. Please exclude all unacceptable materials from the items placed in the containers. At Itasca County Solid Waste Disposal Sites, non-recyclable material may be placed in the green dumpsters for a nominal fee.

​Recyclable materials should be kept separated and set aside before they become mixed with garbage. Find a convenient location to store the recyclables—under a sink, near the garbage can, or in the garage. Each type of recyclable should be stored in a separate barrel, bucket, box, bag, or shelf space.

When bringing your recyclables to an Itasca County Solid Waste Disposal Site, empty the recyclables in the proper bins and place your containers in the green dumpsters or take them home and use them again.

Recycle Right