Health & Human Services

IRC Front Desk


The Mission of Itasca County Health and Human Services is to protect, promote and improve the health, independence, and self-sufficiency of all people, families and communities in Itasca County.

We practice shared values in an ethical environment. They are of paramount importance and are:
  • Care
  • Fairness
  • Justice
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Trustworthiness

Core Values

The department's core values are the touchstones for its decisions. The Health and Human Services Departments holds these core values as we carry out our daily work in order to better serve Itasca County residents who are in need:
  1. We value people, families, and communities.
  2. We value work, independence and self-responsibility.
  3. We provide safety nets and ladders up for the people we serve.
  4. We value collaboration with communities and organizations to mobilize support that helps people function and succeed.

Services Provided

Service areas within Heath and Human Services include:
  • Adult Mental Health
  • Child Support enforcement
  • Children's Mental Health
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Family and Children Services
  • Financial Assistance
  • Fiscal Division
  • Fraud prevention
  • IMCare
  • Income maintenance
  • Public Health
  • Social Services