Jail Division

The Jail Division is responsible for operating the Itasca County Jail we are licensed as a Class III Jail by the Minnesota Department of Corrections as a secure detention facility, used to confine both sentenced and pre-sentenced prisoners.

The Itasca County Jail is divided into two facilities - the annex which was built in 1997 and houses 48 inmates; and the main jail which was built in 1982 and houses 59 inmates. Currently the Itasca County Jail is running at full capacity.


The jail provides food, clothing, bedding, and hygiene items. Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, religious programming, and women's group are offered to all inmates who wish to participate. Medical treatment is provided within the facility by a licensed medical staff; and in the community at local hospitals, clinics, and dentists.

What to Bring

All items you will need are either provided or sold at the facility.

Please note: Please bring all of your prescription medication with you when you report to jail. It will take the jail several days to contact your doctors and the pharmacy to get your medications filled if you fail to bring them.