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Itasca County Land Department
1177 LaPrairie Ave. Grand Rapids MN 55744-3322

January 5th, 2016

About the Itasca County Land Department...
Office Hours are...

Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

During 2011, the Itasca County Land Department managed 295,792.69 acres of tax-forfeited land. Approximately 245,000 acres (82%) are commercial forest lands that are producing or capable of producing crops of industrial wood. Itasca County also plays an important role in the tourism and recreation industry by providing lands for the public to enter upon for hunting, fishing, camping and sightseeing as well as many other recreational pursuits. ​​


 ​The Land
Department is
committed to
ensuring that
the economic
benefits and
integrity of the
County's natural
resources are
available to
both present
and future


Active management will provide a balance of benefits that include recreational opportunities, quality water, wildlife habitat, timber production, earthen materials, maintenance of ecological integrity as well as a monetary return to the tax forfeited trust.​​ ​

​ ​


How to contact us...
Telephone (218) 327-2855
Fax (218) 327-4160
Itasca County Land Commissioner:
Garrett Ous - garrett.ous@co.itasca.mn.us



Staff Directory

​Name​ Position Phone​
​​Email Address
Garrett Ous ​Land Commissioner 327-7391​ garrett.ous@co.itasca.mn.us​
Michael Gibbons​ Assistant Land Commissioner​ 327-7357 michael.gibbons@co.itasca.mn.us​
Scott Dowling​ Staff Forester 327-0673 scott.dowling@co.itasca.mn.us
Bob Rother​ District 1 Forester 327-7395 robert.rother@co.itasca.mn.us
Timothy Stocker District 2 Forester 327-7482 ​tim.stocker@co.itasca.mn.us
Perry Leone​ District 3 Forester 327-7340 perry.leone@co.itasca.mn.us
Loren Eide District 4 Forester 327-7337 loren.eide@co.itasca.mn.us
Blair Carlson District 5 Forester 327-7311 blair.carlson@co.itasca.mn.us
Kory Cease District 6 Forester 327-7392 kory.cease@co.itasca.mn.us
Ryan Newman
District 7 Forester​
327-7381​ ryan.newman@co.itasca.mn.us​
Benjamin West​
Forester​ ​327-7394 benjamin.west@co.itasca.mn.us
Adam Olson​
​Natural Resource GIS Specialist ​327-7309 ​adam.olson@co.itasca.mn.us
​Darlene Brown​ ​Administrative Secretary ​327-7375 ​darlene.brown@co.itasca.mn.us
Meg Muller​
​Secretary ​327-2855 ​meg.muller@co.itasca.mn.us
Staff Directory
LAND DEPARTMENT - Real Estate Office
​Name​ Position Phone​
​​Email Address
Julie Weitzel Real Estate Specialist 327-7397 julie.weitzel@co.itasca.mn.us
Andrew Glusica Real Estate Assistant 327-7302 andrew.glusica@co.itasca.mn.us

Staff Directory
LAND DEPARTMENT - Park and Recreation
​Name​ Position Phone​
​​Email Address
Roger P. Clark ​Park System Manager 327-7347​ roger.clark@co.itasca.mn.us
Micah Kral Park Technician 327-0669 micah.kral@co.itasca.mn.us
​Sara Thompson Forest Recreation Specialist 327-7393 sara.thompson@co.itasca.mn.us