Itasca County Health and Human Services - Developmental Disabilities 
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Services for Children
Case Management (Rule 185)
This is a service provided for both children and adults through your County Health and Human Services Agency. Eligibility for this service is determined through Psychological and Adaptive Behavior Assessments.
The purpose of this process is to secure and monitor services to persons diagnosed as developmentally disabled in the least restrictive environment based on the individual need.
To apply for this service contact your county Health and Human Services Agency and ask for the intake worker.
If your child has special needs due to developmental disabilities or a related condition and you need help with paying medical bills, you may apply for TEFRA (this is a financial program only).
TEFRA is Medical Assistance. To apply, call your local county Health and Human Services Agency and ask for the TEFRA worker. All regular medical assistance rules are followed under this program EXCEPT that parental income is not considered in determining the child's eligibility.
A monthly parental fee is assessed, based on income. If eligible, ask your eligibility specialist about cost effective insurance reimbursement.
Family Support Program
If you have needs, such as paying for special equipment or medical costs not covered by MA or insurance, respite care, day care or special equipment, you should apply for the Family Support Program. Contact your local County Health and Human Services agency to apply for this program.
A screening process must be completed and approved by the state. There are a limited number of program slots available and, even if eligible, your name may be placed on a waiting list. Documentation is required and yearly reports are due in May of each year.
You may be on TEFRA and Family Support Program at the same time and may also get PCA services, if eligible. The program covers up to $200 per month for child needs or a yearly lump-sum for big items or one-time costs.
Personal Care Attendant Service (PCA)
This is a home-care service available to children and/or adults with disabilities who live at home or in foster care and who need assistance with medically related daily cares. It is paid for by Medical Assistance and/or TEFRA. It must be authorized by the person's doctor and arranged through an authorized PCA provider.
There are several vendors in our area which provide this service. To apply for PCA services, contact Itasca County Health and Human Services at (218) 327-2941. They will assist by doing an assessment to determine the number of hours of service a person qualifies for as well as obtaining prior authorization through the state MA agency, and will provide you with information on available providers.
If you are on a waiver program, the cost of PCA service or other home care services becomes part of your daily average cost.
This is a coordinated set of activities for a student designed to meet the individual's needs. This promotes movement from school to post-school activities, including vocational training, integrated employment, community participation, residential or independent living services, and other adult services.
Transitions can begin about 14 years of age, no later than 16 years old. Goals should be developed in the school's IEP providing an outcome-oriented process.
Respite Care
Respite care is a limited service providing temporary care of your family member with disabilities in order to give the caregiver a break from routine care.
Options for either in-home or out-of-home respite care can be worked out with your county case manager.
Mental Retardation/Related Conditions Waiver
This is a state Waiver Program administered by Itasca County Health and Human Services Agency. Eligibility for this program is determined by the MR Waiver Screening process conducted by the case manager.
Under this program you may receive services either in your home or in a licensed foster care home. There are a limited number of program slots available and, even if eligible, you may be placed on a waiting list.
Participants on this program are chosen by the county based on need and other factors. The Waiver is available for both children and adults.