Itasca County Attorney
123 NE 4th St. Grand Rapids MN 55744-2600

Criminal Prosecution
The Itasca County Attorney is the chief prosecutor for crimes which occur within Itasca County. Prosecution involves reviewing the investigation of law enforcement officers, filing charges against a party, trying the case in court, and making sentencing recommendations. The County Attorney prosecutes felony offenses such as murder, sexual assault, drug offenses and child abuse. The County Attorney also prosecutes misdemeanors and gross misdemeanor offenses occurring in unincorporated areas or municipalities without a designated City Attorney.
Wellness Court
Wellness Court in Itasca County was established in April 2007 with a mission to unite judiciary, criminal justice entities, substance abuse treatment providers, and the community to enhance public safety, ensure offender accountability, reduce substance abuse, restore offenders to law abiding productivity, and reduce the financial impact on society. The program is geared specifically for drug offenders with non-violent criminal histories and in 2009 was expanded to include gross misdemeanor and felony level DUI offenders.
The Itasca County Wellness Court is one of only two drug/DWI courts in the nation that have a Joint Powers Agreement with a Tribal Court (Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe). District Court Judge John Hawkinson and Leech Lake Tribal Court Judge Korey Wahwassuck preside jointly over Wellness Court hearings.