What is Administrative Supervision?
For most Fourth Degree Misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence cases, the Judges in Itasca County place the defendant on what is called Administrative Supervision for one year. It differs from traditional supervised probation in a number of ways.

Once the affirmative conditions of probation are met, the probation officer recommends to the Court that Administrative Supervision be closed and the person remains on unsupervised probation for the balance of the one year term that was imposed. Individuals placed on Administrative Supervision report to the probation department in small groups of 10-15 on a quarterly basis. At the first meeting, all referral information is provided and instructions are given as to how the documentation of completion is to be submitted. A subsequent meeting is scheduled 3 months out with the understanding that the probationer does not need to attend if all required documentation has been provided to the supervising agent.

The intent is to have the Itasca County Probation Department assist the probationer in satisfying the standard probation conditions; typically a chemical use evaluation, completing any recommended treatment programming from said evaluation and the attendance of a MADD Impact Panel by providing them with referral/contact information and subsequently assist the Courts by reporting the completion of said conditions to the Court. For more information view the MADD Impact panel website.

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