The Probation Department sells firewood?
The Itasca County Probation Department began its Wood Works Program in the early 1990s as a part of the local Energy Assistance Program. This program, unique in many ways, serves as a community work service (CWS) site for both adults and juveniles. It produces both home heating firewood and campfire bundles. The wood products are sold to the general public and to area resorts/campgrounds. The revenue generated offsets both production costs and the salary and fringe costs of the wood crew foreman. In addition to serving as a CWS site for any adult or juvenile probationer, it is also regularly used as an immediate sanction for juveniles on probation – thereby saving considerable dollars in out-of-home placement expenses. The program is located on the north side of La Prairie directly south of the Land Department at 1177 La Prairie Avenue W.

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1. The Probation Department sells firewood?
2. What is the procedure for purchasing firewood and firewood bundles from the probation department?
3. What is a measured cord of cut/split firewood per Minnesota Statute?