Fees - Residential Household and Demolition

Coupons must be purchased in advance to dispose of Household and Demolition Materials. They may be purchased at the following locations:

Coupon Vendors

Coupon Vendors
City Vendor
Balsam Balsam Store
​Scenic Pines, LLC
Bigfork Antler Lodge
​Bigfork Hardware
​Two Rivers Cenex
Bovey RJ's Market and Liquor
​Petrich's Store
Hollywood Bait
Cohasset Casey's General Store
Deer River Burggraf's Ace Hardware
​Winnie Trading Post
Effie Effie Country Service
Grand Rapids Super One Stores
​Davis Petroleum
​God's County
​Grand Rapids State Bank
​M & H
​63 Fuel Stop
​38 Outpost
Marble Ron's Korner Market
Marcell Frontier Sports
Nashwauk KM Corner Store
Nashwauk Lucky 7
Pengilly Swan Lake Sinclair
Spring Lake Spring Lake Store
Squaw Lake Max Mini Store
Talmoon Bowstring Store
​Little Turtle Lake Store
Wawina Wilderness Valley Telephone
Warba ​Swan River Lucky Seven

Household Garbage Fees

Gallons (Accepted at all sites) Cost
11-13 gallons (Kitchen Bags) $.75
20 gallons $1.50
33 gallons $2.00
39 gallons $2.25
45 gallons $2.75
50 gallons $3.00
96 gallons $6.00

Household Fees for Some Common Items

Type (White goods/Scrap accepted@Transfer Station, Sago, Bigfork, Bray & Spring) Cost
Air Conditioner $2.00
Computer Monitor FREE
Couch $4.00
Hide-A-Bed $6.00
Kitchen Chairs $2.00
Kitchen Table $2.00
Living Room Chair $3.00
Loveseat $3.00
Lawn Mower $2.00
Mattresses $3.00
TV (Larger than 7") FREE

Demolition and Other Waste (Accepted at Transfer Station, Bray Lake, Spring Lake, and Sago)

Type Cost
Cubic Yard $9.00
Appliances/Scrap $4.00 per item or equivalent
Tires $2.00 for 15" and under $7.00 for 16" and over